Recommandations de clients satisfaits postés sur le  profil Linked In de Me Liane Kehat  https://www.linkedin.com/in/kehat-liane-7a06081a?trk=hp-identity-name

Liane is an attorney that exhibits great skill and knowledge with friendly skills as well as direct approach. We consulted her before, during and after the cases. Her staff in Kehat Law Offices are much the same with high integrity, never let us miss a thing a top notch service. I would send anyone who could use her services to her.
We assist her office and i strongly recommend it.
Dor Ben Dov. October 7, 2016

Liane Kehat has been conducting various legal assignments for me for over 12 years and I’m very satisfied with the quality of her work as well as with all legal advice that I received from her over the years. I intend to continue using her services.
Simon Cassif -September 12, 2016

Human life comes at critical milestones in which professional help of a lawyer is needed. Endless selection options of an attorney with similar training apparently, may become a wrong choice and may complicate simple cases unnecessarily. The selection of the right lawyer is even more vital in complex cases.
Liane Kehat was my best selection for her professionalism.
Ami Harel-September 11, 2016

Maître Kehat et son équipe sont intervenues à distance car je réside en France pour nous aider à résoudre un problème familial complexe. Compte tenu de leur honnêteté, professionnalisme, sensibilité et efficacité je n’hésiterai pas à recourir à leur conseil à nouveau en cas de besoin.
Ruben Rosenberg -November 11, 2016


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